Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sopranos Episode 10
Sopranos Episode 10
Sunday, May 14, 2006
Time : 9:22 PM

Spoilers in comments.

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Comments for Sopranos Episode 10
hehe..for a moment I thought THAT was Rove ...ooops.

funniest segway... Vito in bed with Johnny Cakes... rolls over, segway to Tony's brother-in-laws trainset. Choo choo

So you like those dirty metaphors, huh Shill? LOL

Must be Monday. TV talk time.

oh, lets poo poo the tv.. lol

It isn't Rove?

ha, well we'l soon see. I doubt anything will come out about Rove till after the Presidents immigration speech.

Quit dangling this indictment in front of us. It's like dangling cigars in front of Clinton.

Cough up the goods.

Seeing them confiscate Chris' wheels was the best part. "You can pay for it again at the auction" was so classic. The look on his face.

vito popping the dude in the head? i guess he's right back in the swing o' things, no?

tony feeling guilty and allowing janice to buy sac's house? i'm not sure about that one.

oh and a collection dude is NEVER going to go for a pickup alone, especially at night and especially from a bookie (not that i would EVER know such things of course)

some day when you're older i'll tell you the tale of someone who insisted i get him a loan from some hooked up guys (nonexistant i might add) he was sure i knew

Rose, I thought that was from a bet he placed. He was lucky he only lost an eye.

It just doesn't work for me that Johnny Cakes could be attracted to Vito...doesn't make sense. And don't tell me the heart wants what it wants, because we are talking about a really FAT and unattractive heart.

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