Left of Center: By Yukkione: Beer and Gas
Beer and Gas
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Time : 8:01 AM

My Dad is a retired senior citizen who was led kicking and screaming to the intenet. Now that he's there, he sends out scores of emails everyday with jokes and funny pictures he's found. Some are worthy of posting. :)

Didn't Benjamin Franklin say something to the effect that "Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy."

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my dad has given me his never-before-used atm card for safekeeping. the internet? OUT OF THE QUESTION!

cute picture your 'with it' pops sent you!

People can give ME their ATM cards! No problem!

I'll drink to this one.

make mine a Harps, or Guiness. If I'm going to drink beer it should be something full bodied.

Great PIC and good for your Dad...and about Ben F- he would have a had French Fry Car, he would have never been bamboozled by these idiots....and I wish we had cars that we could put something in , hell even Beer, or Chicken Piss...( okay not good beer- but like Colt45 or Black Label...)

Thats so funny LOC because I just started drinking Harp! I'm a guinness or Yuengling person typically, but when I was out for St. Patrick's Day after all the parades there were Harp specials for some reason so I tried it. Good, a bit light. I wouldn't call it full bodied myself but it had a slight tang.

Any beer is good beer, and what makes it better is if you're buying!

funny, Lily I drink Yuengling too, there is a brewery here in Tampa.

Definitely Guiness Xtra Stout. Though Great Lakes Brewing Co makes some mighty fine varieties.

The Edmund Fitzgerald Porter is probably my favorite. Maybe the Holy Moses Ale.

My Grandfather hasn't been off of it since his introduction to it. "A whole lot of information", he says, "with just as many yahoos." He's become quite savvy although he still uses two hands for the mouse.

My great-uncle, his brother, incidentally, was responsible for a viral infestation on an old computer I had. He kept sending infected photos of his stupid Pekinese.

Gosh, if beer is cheaper than gas, why don't we get us some cars that run on beer? I guess keepin' it cold might be a problem...

But Neil, what if they got abusive and started smacking people around. Or wont take you to the store because they're to busy watching NASCAR, or Wrestling.

Thanks for everyones comments. They are appreciated and enjoyed.

if y'all are ever in my hood, i'll take you to my stompin' grounds, the half door where it's 2.00 pints of guinness, harp, strongbow and killians all day wednesdays and from 5 to 7 on fridays. unfortunately i don't drink beer, but i DO like me some powers now and again

and they have quite the extensive NON irish (but imported) beer selection too

Rose I'm coming!

There's a brewery there by you Shill? I'm moving to Tampa.

Get my pretzels ready.

A good middle of the road brew between Guinness and Harp is Smithwicks (w is silent)


My favorite beer is:

a) cold

b) 2 fer 1

Ben Franklin was, as the kids say these days... "a pimp"
  • Posted at 5:29 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Smithwicks? I'm unfamiliar with that. Is it an English import?

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