Left of Center: By Yukkione: Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Still Awesome
Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Still Awesome
Sunday, May 07, 2006
Time : 12:28 AM

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers have a new double album, and I have to say these guys are as good as ever. I know, I've seen them a few times, the first being at the Nectarine ballroom in Ann Arrbor in the 80's with about 300 people. I just caught them on Saterday Night Live, doing a song called Dani California... man, when they do the refrain I got a jam chill. know what I mean? Check out the vid now.

See the Dani California video here.

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Comments for Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Still Awesome
Did I see Will Farrell in there somewhere? They are going to be on in a few minutes...cool video too.

The guy from Elf?

Keidis is an inked lovemonkey.

Jane says: If you see me getting high, knock me down.

But what about Blackie, dammit!

Yeah ...Will Ferrell with cowbell...

They were awesome...they have not aged a minute....

still good, the drummer does look like will farrell huh

he really does.

Isn't that Flea? I love Flea. He has a music conservatory for poor kids down the street from me.

They still are awesome. Sorry I missed the SLN performance.

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