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Net Neutrality
Monday, May 08, 2006
Time : 3:56 PM

So, once again my Republican US Congressman Mike Bilirakis has replied to one of my many letters to him. This one was about the topic of Net Neutrality, a topic his committee has jurisdiction over. If your unfamiliar with net Neutrality it has to do with letting large companies run their portions of the Internet pretty much as they wish. Think of it like this: What if Ford Motor Company bought a large highway near you. Then they posted the speed limit at 55 miles per hour.... unless you we're driving a Ford, then you could go 75 miles an hour. Crazy huh? So what we get is that web sites that pay the most get the fastest bandwidth, websites with small budgets, say.. your local library.. would load at a snails pace. The companies that run the hubs and backbones will write their own rules, and the consumer will be hurt. In his reply to me, Congressman Bilirakis said,” Today, there is consensus that the current statutory framework is not effective in the current market environment, but there is not consensus on how to modify it.” What bullshit! Who has consensus? The telcos like AT&T? ComCast? Who is paying this guy to say this crap? If we do this, the Internet may become as stagnate and generic as every mall in America.. The same stores in every one. The rent for the little guys will be to high. This is important stuff folks. I suggest you let your thoughts be know to the people who make the laws.

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Comments for Net Neutrality
You're right it is important.

You owe it to yourself to call.

The only problems I've encountered on the net are pop-ups and viruses, why not do something about them? Once again Congress is selling out to the highest bidder.

I've encountered naysaying netbobs of neutrality...

In one of my many letters (I pen seven hundred a day) to Senator Rick Santorum, I asked him to address the Scannonization of the internet.

What is that picture, herpes???

I'm sorry but I can't fucking comment after him because I feel like I am staring into a shaved nipple.

I'm flogging this one myself. Someone on the committee just publicly admitted that they want to rush anything through the Senate so they can strip of any cumbersome consumer protections in committee. These people have become so arrogant, they admit they're going to sell out. They figure no one will remember by Nov.

This is important. Glad you're proactive.

whores for business

I'm with Graeme...whores all of em'.

i'm not commenting on the post, i am going to ask how your back is these days.

how is your back these days?

Thank you asking Rose. The MRI shows that I have two herniated disks in my lower back and a bone protrusion. I will see an orthopedic specialist later this month, but in the meantime I have been trying to strenghthen my back at the GYM. The pain is back to managable levels so at least thats good. :)

Uh oh, Buff of Center.

Do something about Scannon. Can't you write a letter about that????

I send all my letters and emails. I get form emails in return. I hope someone is reading what I write, but I seriously doubt it.

These are all symptoms of the disease, natural outgrowths of a monopolized monetary system.

Just like they commodified and stratified the rest of our economy, they're trying to do the same with the internet.

THEY CANNOT TOLERATE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL CITIZENS because then they would become just like everybody else - indeed they probably would not be as original or creative as everyone else.

They rely on MONOPOLY/control to maintain their magical powers.

The monetary system is the achilles heel of this abominable system.

I just recieved the form letter (per usual) response from my reps and they pretend it either isn't happening and fain concern if it were, but, per usual, I had a reply ready to ship befroe recieving their stale and flat hum drum.

So... I keep sending and they keep form-letter replying... but one of these days....

Nice post!

Lucky YOU. Our excuse for a congressman, Mark SOUDER (R) IN, sends me form letters encouraging me to attend town meetings to address "my concerns". He's one of those wonderful "Contract with America" guys from '94 who promised to serve no more than six terms. Time up, Bubba! Buh-bye!

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