Left of Center: By Yukkione: Are Causes Equal? Are Deaths?
Are Causes Equal? Are Deaths?
Sunday, May 07, 2006
Time : 1:35 PM

Once upon a time American armed forces protected us. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, we were able to retaliate with force. When Adolf Hitler conquered Europe and threatened to bring his Fascist state to the whole world, we sent our troops to fight him. Many heroes were forged in World War 2 , and many died for a truly noble cause. Are these soldiers to be remembered for what they did, or because they simply served at the bequest of the Commander and Chief? Were the parents of the dead comforted by the fact they died fighting a noble cause? I think they were. I think that they sacrificed their lives for something more important than themselves. A cause that was evident, just and truly in defense of this country. They knew what they were fighting for right from the start.

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Comments for Are Causes Equal? Are Deaths?
Yeah, Bush says were fighting WWIII now, which would make it the first time in the History of World wars where were the aggressor.

Were fighting the Muslim who attacked us first on 9/11, with saddam's backing! All our soldiers know that! Why don't you?

Bush is working for a free world; this involves actively opposing cruel and often suicidal Muslim tyrants. So far, we've taken care of the Taliban, and we took care of Hussein.

From opposing Kim Il Sung in the Korean War to Milosevic in Yugoslavia, Democrats have a much better record than Republicans when it comes to intervening militarily on behalf of freedom. That's why it is such a disappointment that the current crop of Democrats do not believe in democracy and human rights.

The left has become hateful and cynical. As result, many no longer believe in fighting for its ideals. There are a few Democrats, like Hillary and Lieberman, that give me hope for the future.

Hope for what kind of future? A future where disregard for treaties, the constitution, human rights (we didn't seem to mind human rights abuses by the Taliban before, and we don't seem to be doing a lot about the ones still going on, or tell me something I don't know beyond Boxer)are not only tolerated but touted as the Amerian ideal?

Seems to me the Taliban is back in the top 10. It has a good beat and the poppy growing kids can really dance to it. Wars of past Democrats have really never lead to anything good. War rarely does. It's time we tryed other avenues. Not exploiting other peoples might be a good start.

You are one bad ass, and a real "legal eagle"! You're one of "those" that I probably shouldn't be messing with, I'd rather have you on my good side :)

I found you in necromerica and I'm pretty sure it was you that wrote about the psych center. But since I'm not a techie and after an hour of searching, I thought this would be quicker: Detroit area channel 7 news had a lead story about "thrill seeking teens and initations involving an abondoned psych center". A law suit waiting to happen since there are live electrical wires hanging. And you're going to love this, I know you'll run with it, we as tax payers have been for 30+ years paying the electric bill for a closed facility. Glad they're up on things, once again, our officials at their finest. This has to be the same place because they featured the cross area where the nuns went. This place is creepy, an interesting scene for a scary movie. There are many words to describe me, but wimp is not one of them. But even as a kid, I would seriously have to consider getting out of the car. Your stuff is well thought out and put together well. I'll keep reading.

"Bush is working for a free world"

Where is that? Is it free in Baghdad here assassination is now a daily event, in Afghanistan, here the Taliban has taken over parts of teh country? In China? Korea? Where in the world that we have troops is there real freedom? Ho much more freedom is there now in the US?

baldhelmut, it was me that wrote about the abandon loony bin, it wasn't the one your talking about though. I have been to that one many times. We played lazer tag in there a few times. They have what seems like miles of underground tunnels between the buildings. Out by Southfield I seem to recall. Quite spooky too, but not as much as the one in Ann Arbor. I'm glad you found my site.

I too feel that WWll had an essence of its own. The soldiers drew from their hearts and onto the battlefield. There was brilliance on both sides of the generals. We had some good commanders and then Germany had Romel. There was alot of chance that occured luck too...and then things fell into place at last. It only takes one man to spoil things...just one off-kilter brain. Maybe he was dropped by his nanny...maybe his mom didn't give him what he wanted. If a man has a score to settle with life...usually being the president isn't the answer. That position is for someone that will sit back in the easy chair and think long and hard at every possible angle...and then think somemore.

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