Left of Center: By Yukkione: What about Israel?
What about Israel?
Monday, March 06, 2006
Time : 8:45 AM

Israel is without a doubt the United States best friend in the middle east. With our help they became holders of nuclear weapons, and their military is better trained than nearly any in the world, save the US. Israel also spy's on the US more than any other country. Liberal American policies for student visas and work programs make it easy for Israeli agents to come to the US and set up cover.
I believe one of the keys assets to Israeli intelligence is a company called Amdocs. Amdocs headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri but primarily based in Ra'anana, Israel.The company does billing and collects information on telephone services. Twenty eight American telecommunications companies use Amdocs, that's 90%. While Amdocs does not record individual communications it does record who talks to who and for how long. This is important to know because datamining techniques can be employed to derive quite a bit of valuable information. According to the AP, in one case Israeli police have questioned an executive from Amdocs, one of Israel's largest companies, in connection with a growing corporate espionage case that has shaken the country's business world. That story is just an example of the kind of abuses that are suspected. What if the abuses involved national intelligence, and law enforcement?
Fox news, much to their credit did a series of four stories related to Israeli spying and ties to Amdocs. After the stories however, nothing more was ever said about it. Some of the information and speculation related directly to the events of 9/11. The much maligned Al Jazeera networked also did a story on possible Israeli knowledge of 9/11. At some level these stories seem to tie together because the information must have came from somewhere, and Amdocs would be a likely place of origin .Before I go further I would like to direct you to these two video pieces. (Fox News story) ( Al Jazeera)

At this point I would caution drawing to many conclusions from this information, and speculation. However I think it is worth investigation and scrutiny.
I would like to credit and thank JC and The Truth will set you Free for originally posting the Fox video. Antiwar.com follows the entire series of events in a very concise manner here. Better than trying to rehash it all myself. Also thanks to Mike over at Born at the Crest of the Empire I have this link to The Information Clearinghouse who does the 4 part Fox series with transcripts.

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Very interesting. I never heard this before, but it does raise lots of questions. Did Israel sit on information in order to draw us into the Middle East? Did the US get info from Israel ahead of time and just sit on it in order to justify starting this war? Pure speculation of course, but nothing would surprise me.

Hmm, well you know I had the same thoughts.. but as I said, we should draw to many conclusions from all this..I'm still looking at other information which I will add.

You got balls to talk about this. I tried once and got the antisemitic blast.

I don't know you're depth on this, but if you haven't already, look into the Israeli "art students" who, by the hundreds, were casing US government installations. Also, there's a report floating around out there, I think DEA, on them.

Also, I think video of 3 of the 4 parts of the Carl Cameron Foxnews series are at information clearinghouse with a transcript of part one.

I don't vouch for all the positions of infor clearing house, but they're a good resource for off the path video.


Here's the page for the series.


Again, I don't know, you may already know all of this, but there it is.

This fox series also has some interesting bits about the Israelis potentially tapping into the switching software for phone calls, including the whitehouse.

Hope it helps.


Thank you very much Mike. yes the people at the Truth will set you Free got flack from people claiming antisemitism. I appreciate the information and links as I am not done lookign into this story. I think it's important.

all i can say is 1967, u.s.s. liberty

Glad I could help out. Again, I don't necessarily agree with all the politics of info clearinghouse, but as a source for non mainstream video, they're pretty good.

A lot of those documentaries you read about but never really tried to find. That's where I got Convoy of Death for instance, which reports some pretty gruesome war crimes from the Afghan invasion with US personnel standing by letting it happen.


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