Left of Center: By Yukkione: TV Time for Bush
TV Time for Bush
Saturday, March 11, 2006
Time : 6:18 PM

" Who's that? Is it that Sponge Bob guy? "

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Comments for TV Time for Bush
"No you dumbass ...Laura went and bought a nightie at Victoria Secret...."

( okay that was rude - but the Condi comment I wrote was much ruder....Blogger purged it....)

good one...
Keep Blogging it LOC

if you really want the Condi comment I could try again..

Bring on the comments! a fabulous prize for the best one.

Oh, for those that are a little fzzy from the workweek.. I photoshopped this pic. Bush was actually watching closed circuit video of Jack Abramoff and his wife cavorting in the Lincoln bedroom. George is laughing at Jack's DickyDo... You know... when the belly sticks out more than the Dicky Do.

You do realize that I was saying that to George- the dumbass part ....( I went back and read that worried someone might think I said that to you .....)

{{ snickersnicker]] Condi get in here...looky here Karen sent us her home made porn again...oh shit dangit- looks like she ran out of batteries again....too bad those New Homeland security rules won't let her take the lectric joystick on the road...{{{snicker..snicker}}}}

Hmmm. so Casino Jack spent time in the Lincoln Room....Hope it was Bugged But Good...we might have our Stained Dress Moment yet...if ya know what I mean....

okay I am done being bad....for now..

"This live surveillance camera feed from Abu Ghraib is way cool," he said.

Okay Rory and LOC let's hope that there is Footage from the Lincoln Bedroom...

"I never miss 'American Idol'."

"How do you get Walker, Texas Ranger on this thing?"

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