Left of Center: By Yukkione: U.S Military to invade the Canary Islands!
U.S Military to invade the Canary Islands!
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Time : 7:20 PM

Today in a joint press briefing with Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, President George Bush said he is sending the 2nd battalion 5th marines to the Canary Islands to make a preemptive strike against Bird Flu. President Bush said he is committed to winning the war against Bird Flu, and will bring the full might of the American military to bear. Secretary Rumsfeld said the name of the exercise would be Operation Bird Brain. When asked about the cost of the operation Rumsfeld said that the cost would be payed for with bananas.

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Comments for U.S Military to invade the Canary Islands!
I hope they like banana splits.

I thought mangoes were the going currency. What's the exchange rate on that?

Where is the link to the article on Bush and the Canary Islands. I can't find anything in the news anywhere. u

OMG! That is so funny! You're a riot!

Sorry I have no link to the screwed up synapses in my brain that concocted that story. The alternate title was "There's something fowl in the Canaries"

You know what is sad? I could almost beileve this....

I tell ya. That bastard has the answer to everything. Must be that new kind of thinking he's been trying.

as long as it's NOT watermelon (my personal favorite fruit) i don't care!

(LOVED the alternate title even more, lol)

I see they fooled you too. Actually this is nothing less than a military boondoggle of the first order. The Canaries much like the Bahamas and the Carribean are the destination of choice for winter weary Germans at this time of year. No sooner do they hit the islands than they shed all of their clothes. I'm sure our soldiers are out looking for chicks. I was going to say of the two legged variety but hey they all are.

Today the Canary Islands, tomorrow the World!

Depleted uranium rounds easily pierce the feathers of most birds.

Unless they were wearing an Bright Orange Vest...

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