Left of Center: By Yukkione: Workin' hard for the American people.
Workin' hard for the American people.
Thursday, March 09, 2006
Time : 10:29 AM

The absurdity never ends with our elected officials. So they have all but gutted any legislation that would change the way lobbyist control them. According to a story in the WAPO, the bill includes a portion that states that anyone voting against a congressional pay raise would not get one if such a bill passes. Imagine the abuse. Imagine the things that could be added to pay raise bills. Who would vote against? Thank you Sen. Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Thank to Born at the Crest of the Empire for the heads up on this one.

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Comments for Workin' hard for the American people.
Jesus, will it ever end?
They aren't even trying to hide this shit anymore. They could as least respect us enough to act like they are doing the job they were sent there to do. I guess with the invent of the voting machines no one has to worry much about that "reelection" stuff.

Hey, people are still leaving nice comments about banner. Thanks again!

The Banner does look great...so let me get this straight- they don't want to give up their golf, plane trips and dinners? Gee, I guess they really don't work for us do they? Maybe we should start inviting them to dinner - SO WE COULD GIVE THEM A PIECE OF OUR MIND...

yeah - i meant to say, the new look is great

Fabulous facial on your site! If we follow their reasoning (ha!), then anyone voting for a war has to go and those who don't, don't.

I'd have a few over for dinner. bwahahahahahaha

Ok thats supposed to be a sinister laugh.

Martini is sporting a quality banner. Damn you and your graphics snobbery. Its time to tell it like it is, yes we are judged by our banners and its time we stopped denying it. Oh wait, I took your ideas too far. You are CUT OFF from Lou Dobbs, bucko!

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