Left of Center: By Yukkione: Mars Mission success
Mars Mission success
Friday, March 10, 2006
Time : 5:20 PM

Congratulations to the folks at NASA. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has successfully entered into orbit around the red planet. The official NASA site has great pictures, movies and explanations of everything related to this mission.

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Comments for Mars Mission success
Oooo, so exciting! Doesn't this one have new gadgets to look for life, water, signs of civilization?

I know that is has high powered cameras to take pics of the far side of Mars.. Tha side that we really havent seen. (should my sarcasm detector be going off? I dont want to seem like a clueless geek)

Actually we have been looking at all sides of Mars since telescopes were first developed. MGS and Odyssey have been taking pics of the complete surface for years.

The reason we can only see one side of the Moon from Earth is that it's day is the same length as it's orbit around the Earth. So we see the same surface all the time. That might be what you were thinking of.

MRO has the highest resolution camera sent to Mars yet, along with 5 other science instruments. this JPL site


has a good description of the scientific package on MRO and it's capabilities.

MRO will orbit at about 190 miles when the final orbit is established, so it should send some very clear pics back. The NASA guys claim 3 meter resolution.

Thanks for the detailed info Rob. I try to keep stuff simple, but do appreciate it. I cant wait till they publish some new pics

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