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Read by Jack Again
Friday, March 10, 2006
Time : 6:00 PM

Jack Cafferty read me again tonight on CNN Situation Room! This is the third time. Just lucky I guess.
The question was: Has your opinion of Islam changed since 9/11?

My answer was: No. My opinion has not changed. Islam like Christianity has two faces, they preach peace and forgiveness until being brutal and vindictive suits them better.

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Damn you Shill! I have this secret goal to be read by Lou. Once there was a guy on a CSPAN show that I could swear was Scannon, and I felt such admiration. And jealousy. It was really accusatory and cool, the comments. From his town, too.

Good for you, seriously. Have a good weekend. Keep the cats safe.

Looks like I've got some catching up to do...

Congrats...and the statement was perfection.

That's really amazing. What are the chances of being read on CNN once, if not multiple times ... ?? Pretty low, methinks. Congrats.

Woo Woo! Good for you.

Something I posted on line was shown and read on that afternoon show that was on Cnn for a while. There were two chicks who would focus on websites across the internet. Wouldn't you know it, it was one of the days I didn't watch the show. Friends started emailing me to let me know. I was one proud blog-sister for a few days. I was writing at a group blog so we all had swelled heads. It was fun!

yes, I think that part of the cnn afternoon lineup wasnt to long ago. Problem is it gave to much credence to bloggers. Not good for comercial media people. Now they only cite the big blogs, the ones that might as well be mainstream media.

There's a difference between asking if one's opinion of Islam has changed since 9/11, and if one's opinion of Islam has changed because of 9/11.

For example, my opinion of Islam has become more negative over the past few years, but only because my knowledge of its history, along with its philosophical roots, has deepened.

The comparisions of Christianity with Islam are unfair, and I'm not an adherent of Christianity. A big problem with Islam is that there is no entity called 'The Mosque'; like the Leninists, Islam seeks to control the state without being subject to the state. Christianity, at least on paper, demands a separation of Church and State. JC told believers to give to Caesar what belonged to Caesar; Augustine quoted Cicero with approval; Pope Gregory implemented the Pastoral Rule demanding the clergy obey secular law -- the comparison of this tradition with Islam is unjustified.

Jason in those respects I think you are quite right. And your framing of the question is well put. When is comes to the relationship between government and religion there is a big difference in each path. Personally I would prefer to live in a country that calls itself primarily Christian, becasue I like the seperation. Like you I've read quite abit about Islam in the last 5 years or so that has somewhat lessened my opinion of it.

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