Left of Center: By Yukkione: Dubai Pulls out... or do they?
Dubai Pulls out... or do they?
Thursday, March 09, 2006
Time : 1:51 PM

Senator John Warner and DPW spokesperson announced today that Dubai Ports World is to divest itself of all American Interests. DPW says they will give control to an American company. Is this a sneaky ploy as one of my readers points out in comments?

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Comments for Dubai Pulls out... or do they?
This is excellent, if for no other reason than it robs the congressional Republicans of a campaign issue. With no floor vote, there is nothing they can point to as having stood up to the administration other than rhetoric.

The air has been let out of any phoney puffery.

it seems that Hasstert and Fristy had to go up to the WH and have a little chat with the King early this am- oh, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall...the whining and snipping that must have been thrown like turds in the chimp cage...

I am again singing the HappyHappyJoyJoy song ( Ren&Stimpy)....not cause I have Port Investments...but because AGAIN the King didn't get his Lyingschemingschmuckingasswipe Way....

It looks like this may be a ruse:

Dubai Port Capitulation Likely Fraudulent
  • Posted at 4:04 PM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Very interesting link Anon. of course the Arab States are often duplicitous in their policies and actions. The example given there is typical.
Your right epm, I originaly said something to that effect ,but blogger was messing up. yes this is a good deal for Dems. Bush still loks bad, and the UAE looks like reasonable folks, a good move for their PR. the bad new of the day is the Shrub signed the Patriot Act. slightly changed but still Orwellian. (turds in the chimp cage.. lol)

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With this issue off the table, Democrats can go back to demanding secrecy for al-Queda phone calls into the United States.

yea your right Jason. lol It takes a load off my mind knowing my attentions won't be so divided. Oh, but then there is the budget and trade deficits, The never ending war in Iraq, the cost and lack of health care, environmental deregulation, bird flu, campain finance reform, lobbying reform, Presidential infidelity.. Oh wait that was Clintons problem. Oh I almost forgot the upcoming impeachment, after the mid term elections put the house in Democratic hands.

Oh no, not Jason again. Anyway, I think the port thing is a ruse, but not what we think. I think it was a sort of Trojan Horse to stir people up and thus when the Repugs tacked the law against it onto the spending bill so Bush wouldn't veto it, they got three things: They are heros to their constituents; They got all the spending they wanted and the UAE will simply do business under an American company. Truly Rovarian.

Yes, they're transferring it to that American holding company, "U.S. Qaeda Inc."

Am I the only one that is wondering if this is a manuver so that the King can give the Deal to some other Crony? They showed him leaving the WH- and he looked gleeful and giddy...does anyone else think something smells fishy ?

( I don't want to wake up and find out that KBR bought the damn DP company...)

Your blog is really rocking...and the artwork...stunning..( some even pleasently nauseating)

i hope it IS a scam/sham and i hope we DO find proof of it and i hope we IGNORE IT like we (well not ALL of us) ignore everything else this administration has done. that would just make my life complete

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