Left of Center: By Yukkione: McCain: From maverick to WTF in 4.5 seconds
McCain: From maverick to WTF in 4.5 seconds
Saturday, March 11, 2006
Time : 9:20 PM

John McCain on crack? Doubtful, but when you hear what he said at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, you may think so. During the event a straw poll was to be held to see who might be looking good as a 2008 Republican candidate. You see, Bill Frist may actually be looking better than McCain, and rather than face a loss, McCain told people to vote for Bush. He said Bush is our leader for the next three years and we should stand behind him. One activist said, "McCain voted against all the Bush tax cuts... maybe he should have voted for the president then, instead of waiting for a political stunt to try and distract." Senator McCain.. It would seem that President Bush is standing behind you... real close if you know what I mean.

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Comments for McCain: From maverick to WTF in 4.5 seconds
hmmm, and I only see three hands...
if you know what I mean...

( LOC -you are bringing the worst out in me....)

well, I was gonna ask what was up with McCain's expression, but I guess enigma answered that one ...

And just thing E4e, you've never even met me.. lol

ha ?!! But your writing says it all...I mean you are a classy guy- offering Ron Nasty a glass ??? LOL

( and why am I being so bratty on a saturday night, I have no idea ???...shame on me..and you have such a dignified blog here)

well, it's customary to offer a glass when the beer in the back is in a keg. lol

Is that one of those Republican Faith Healer Conventions? "HEAL!! HEAL!!!"

I think Neil it's more like "pull it out!Pull it out!"

It's easy to see why Frist won, if McCain was aligning himself with Bush.
"hang on a second there Johnny Boy, let's see if we can pull a couple votes outta yer ass!"

McCain is the GOP version of Lieberman.

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