Left of Center: By Yukkione: Reid and his amazing soldier boys.
Reid and his amazing soldier boys.
Saturday, March 18, 2006
Time : 4:21 PM

The Dems might have a plan, but is it a good one? According to the Washington Times, they want to stage events with active duty military personnel. The Republicans do it. Bush and Cheney almost always appear with the military. He is the Commander and chief, but he uses the backdrop of military personnel as if they approve of his policies, when in fact they are just ordered to come and sit. Will these soldiers that appear with Democrats speak? I understand that to Bush's base, these staged military appearances work. But does that make it right? Does a voluntary appearance by soldiers send a different message? Of course there are strict rules regarding military bases, and military personnel. The plan appears to circumvent some of these. I think it's a stupid idea. They will look like pencil necked geeks trying to come up tough. The events will look completely staged and unnatural.

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Isn't that the Dems role though?: To out-Republican Republicans.

Here's the logic: "Let's prove them ineffective by being BIGGER assholes than they are!"

The "closer-to-God" card was exploited by the Dems starting with Carter and the Clinton was great at opening the floodgates for corporate control over the world's markets and access.

Now, they're great at ostracizing folks like Feingold to the point of alienating even more voters (assuming, of course, that voting helps or is the mark of a democracy).

your right, there is a disengenuous nature to much of what they do, and the harder they try to be "more" rthe more silly and feckless they look.

What they should do is a staged town hall event such as Bush does, with a hand picked crowd. And at Q&A time, have one 'dissenter' with
a question that they have a prepared answer for.
Either that, or they should just stand for something other than Republican-lite.

Actually, I disagree. If the soldiers are volunteers, and if they get to speak, and the whole thing is produced with respect and dignity, I think it could tell more Americans what some of us already know: our men and women in the military have tasted, even swallowed, the Bush doctrine, and are here to tell us it's poisonous.

Remember Mike Dukakis driving around in a tank with a big silly helmet? It killed him. I also doubt an active duty soldier can speak againts a war publicly and not recieve punishment. having soldiers thast have served in Iraq and are out is the way to go. Ones that can speak of their expierience with impunity. It going to be a delacate balancing act. Some Dems might be able to pull it off.

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