Left of Center: By Yukkione: Yea Bacchus!
Yea Bacchus!
Monday, February 27, 2006
Time : 5:55 AM

Hmm Watching CNN this morning, and they are at Mardi Gras. The Woman who's is on the scene is babbling about the festivities, and I'm just having my first cup of coffee. They are showing the Bacchus parade with all the colorful floats, and people dressed up in costume. All of a sudden she explains that ”..the Bacchus parade commemorated Bacchus.. ..the first person to bring floats to the parade.”. Hmm I wish I had been there to see that. An ancient Greek God resurrected for a 19th century parade, and bringing theater erected on hay wagons and pulled by tractors. Now we know why he was a god.

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Comments for Yea Bacchus!
LOL. Gotta love Bacchus!

I propose Bacchus Blogfest next, LOC! We can write about sinful decadence, immorality, and bad thoughts. Um, not that I ever have any. Really.

God, I would be writing for days. ( I was a naughty boy in my youth)

Well, in his defense, he was drunk when he did it and doesn't remember a thing. "Tractors? Parades? Oh my god, I was sooooo drunk!"

And a good name for Baby Jesus' dog it would be, but I think we'll be going with "Mambo Sven"...

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