Left of Center: By Yukkione: 9/11 : The Truth Will Set You Free
9/11 : The Truth Will Set You Free
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Time : 7:54 AM

I just saw this story over at The Truth Will Set You Free. Apparently a group of Scholars has examined the events of 9/11, and have come to some stunning conclusion, and have made available information that was excluded from the much maligned 9/11 report. The basic premise? That just as Moussaoui who is being tried for having foreknowledge of 9/11, so did Dick Cheney, and he could be more easily prosecuted for the crime. JC has done an excellent job constructing this story and all the supporting links, please go read it.. This information is new and quite revealing.

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this is absolutely huge ... my head is frickin' spinnin' ... if this is true then then all blogs, newspapers, news shows, means of dissemination of info and images should front page it until Cheney is drawn and quartered (in a legal sense) ... holy smokes ...

Thanks, will read it. Blogger is giving me a headache today. I might just focus on getting actual work done.

There is a link over there in their comments that is worth following about 9/11 myths. I'm not saying the report at TTWSYF is wrong or right, just saying the site the link goes to is worth reading.

Who the hell knows what to believe any more? Sadly, nothing seems beyond the realm of possibilities these days.

Just took a gander, but I find one point to be a bit of a stretch. Shooting down a plane in the National Airport (can't say "Reagan", sorry) approach corridor would not have been as easy as the article suggests.

First that air corridor is very narrow, in that a plane would probably not end up in the Potomac, and there might have been some hesitation to cause civilian deaths. Second, did they think that they could take it out once the target was known...maybe.

Basically, not sure I buy the conclusion.
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Well I agree with you K, but the things I found most interesting was Mineta's coments, and the fact that there was only a 20 foot hole in the Pentagon after it was hit by whatever, and no damage to the turf infront of the building. There is no damage where the wings and tail should have hit, and all the windows around the hole are intact. Pictures taken before the collaps show no wing pieces, tail pieces or anything else of size.

Wow..thanks for posting this...There were and are HUGE holes on the 9/11 Report...

( ie. Rummy missing for almost 45 minutes during attacks"susposedly" helping in the parking lot....First comment made after first plane hit" well, Let's see what happens next" he said. and as many might recall in 2004 he "accidentally" said that 93 was SHOT DOWN..and there is more.In the 911 Report Book, reread the chapter about Flight patterns and the Timelines there are discreptencies.ESP: regarding #93 and #77. Families should demand that it be reopened. )

And the Pentagon part of the Story does not make sense AT ALL- it never did. My son has some links to some video and photos that is astounding.( I will try to get and post)

Good Books about Questions:
THE NEW PEARL HARBOR by David Ray Griffin

Thanks again for posting on this- critical stuff...worth serious RELOOK..

I knew in my gut that something was seriously wrong with the attacks on the afternoon of Sept 11th. On the way home from work I was listening to the news in the car and they announced that Tower 7 went down. All I could think was WTF? How did that Tower catch fire and go down? It didn't have a plane drive into to it? I furiously watched the news to make any sense of it, and on BBC America, their newscasters admitted they were at a loss as to why Tower 7 even caught on fire let alone how it went down.

After that I read "Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael Ruppert, and it answered a whole lotta questions for me. Ruppert lays out the case against Cheney piece by piece.
And when I just watched 9/11 Loose Change 2nd Edition and posted about it in late Feb, my mind was made up. This 1 hr 22 min documentary sealed the deal for me. I'm not blog whoring, but visit my post for the link:


My ex Vietnam Vet Marine dad has always questioned 9/11 too but has tried in vain to believe that our govt wouldn't sink to such levels of depravity. After watching this documentary, it put all of his questions into perspective, and made him incredibly pissed. I reccommend all watching it. We owe it to America to find out the truth.

Thanks for the Link Tina, I actually downloaded the vid sometime ago, it's quite alarming. I've been sifting through info for two days now and not really sure what I want to talk about. My biggest problem with it all is the number of people that would have to be involved. However the number of unexplainable and missing information weighs heavily to the conspiracy theorist in me.

9/11 was an inside job. While I'll have to disagree with the Pentagon-not-hit-by-a-plane theory, someone had to give a stand down order to NORAD on that day. The planes wouldn't necessarily had to have been shot down, but could been forced to land (which happened a month or two ago when a small plane violated the airspace over Bush's Crawford Ranch). There was also a terror drill going on that day that mirrored the actual "terrorist attack" ( like the London 7/7 bombings) so only a few particpants need be in on it.
Back in the sixties the government developed Operation:Northwoods which was a plan to stage a terrorist attack to justify an invasion of Cuba. And if you don't think that Bush wouldn't put citizens lives at risk, we have the pre-Katrina video where he knew of the imminent danger facing New Orleans and proceeded on with his photo ops any way (just like on 9/11).

Thanks to Tina- you posted the video I was talking about...

That made me sit up straight in my chair. The cads!

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