Left of Center: By Yukkione: Who is the bad guy?
Who is the bad guy?
Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Time : 9:18 PM

So here it is.. the cartoon that has spurned violence throughout the world. I'm not a Muslim so I do not have to follow the rules of Islam. If you are a Muslim then do not look upon it, create, post or copy such images. Also, do not think you may impose your mythology on me. As the Danish news paper editor said. "I have no intention of disrespecting Muslim people." This, as he said is an exercise in self censorship. I understand that the Islamic world has a lot to be pissed about.. so be pissed about the real reasons... not this phony cartoon crap. Say your tired of your rich leaders stealing all the wealth from the oil. Say you want them to invest in industry so you can have a better job. Say you want them to build real schools and put the medrassas back in the stone age. But don't come with violence because of a cartoon.

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THIS is it????all of the violence and ruckus....the riots? well, I guess we should be glad that he was not shown naked or doing a goat ? or holding hands with a Dicktator....I am stunned that is all it is ....I guess I am ignorant- but I just don't get IT....

I don't get the fuss either. We have pictures of christ made with elephant shit and no one cares here

exactly.. and the cartoons and art I have seen regarding religion all speaks to the practitioners, not the religion itself.

And published four frickin' months ago! Why no riots then? Something's going on. I heard Saudi's diverting attention. Conspiracy theories abound.

Supposedly there are 3 "added" cartoons, brought to the Middle East by the Danish Imams in early January. One depicts Mohammed as a pig, a second has him being fucked by a dog and the third shows him as a pedophile. We might be blaming the wrong cartoons. It also explains why this is happening now instead of back in Sept. when the original 12 were first published.

Yes Neil, it's suspected that some of the cartoons were fabricated by Imams. The one about him being being a pedophile is based on the fact that one of his wives was 9 years old. As for the timing, I think your right.

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