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No Toking!
Saturday, February 04, 2006
Time : 4:55 PM

The City of Amsterdam has begun selling recently introduced "no toking" signs to prevent the official ones from being stolen as collector's items, a spokesman said Friday.

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Well, I have fond memories of friends in Europe stealing Mercedes emblems, for a while I collected ashtrays there, it seemed we were always taking something. Well, not really ME of course. :)I think its just something that many of us 'visitors' feel compelled to do, and some of us think the regulation regarding toking in America is misguided given the context but I won't go there. After all, why worry about peak oil when you can arrest hippies in drum circles, eh? We have our priorities straight.
Anyway, I had trouble since yesterday opening your blog and posting a comment, and thought the post yesterday was awesome! It seems that many blogs have been down, much frustration all around. Here's hoping it was a just a glitch...

yes it seems blogger.com was doing server maintanance. I was ofline for two days because of an electrical problem in my house. What a hastle. I still have ashtrays I grabbed while I was in Europe. lol And thanks Lily

Where can I get one? Thanks for the laugh. I need it after watching the video in the post above.

this also happened at a place called 'condom' in france where they just left a whole load of plastic replicas next to the road and also in a place called 'portishead' just outside bristol in england. a band from there had just named themselves after the area and fans kept stealing the sign.

the best one of this is a little village in the north of scotland called 'lost' (its a gaelic word). people stole the sign all the time and they just decided not to have another one, so the village of lost is now lost.

Aha! Another ashtray thief. I don't smoke though, so it seems kind of stupid looking back.

I like Portishead.

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