Left of Center: By Yukkione: No Bravery
No Bravery
Sunday, February 05, 2006
Time : 2:25 AM

On the Huffington post, they have a monthly contest for creative media.. movies, flash, pictures, music.. I found this one to be particularly moving. I encourage everyone to watch it. As you do, think about how many letters you have written to your representatives telling them that you will not have this done in your name. Thanks to Mikevotes over at Born at the crest of the empire for the heads up on this.

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so glad to see you..12-24 hours of total Blogahell-
and at 3am - was able to access most blogs again...but man it sucked....Hugs...phew,...

Man, that is hard to watch.

Wow. I feel torn to pieces by that. It is an extraordinarily powerful piece of work.

I hope you don't mind if I lifted the link from you and posted it on my site. I also linked back to Left of Center.

BTW, really, really nice work .. I never visted your site before. But, like Ahnold, I'll be back !!.

E4e, thanks. Funny how Bloggs probs and mine coinsided.
Neil,it's very hard to watch.
Anita, thanks and glad you found me.

If this is Bush's idea of freedom and democracy, then we all should be afraid. Be very afraid.

Yeah, I looked at some more of them, some were really good, alot weren't.

But I find the concept of this very indicative of Dems and and their organization.

Lots of people doing brilliant independent work, some of which gets a broader audience, some of which doesn't. It's kindof like how the left blogosphere is so fractured into so many little pieces of independent thought, where as the right consists of a much smaller number of sites.

It's the difference between top down politics and bottom up politics. That's why the Repubs run such a better machine.

Hope that makes some sense.


Well they might run a better 'machine' and boast about their unified message but I think we all suffer for it. Dissent and dialogue are healthy, and being able to meet a variety of competing needs takes skill but invariably produces a better result.

Powerful presentation. The sickness and brutality that is the reality of war needs more exposure. Vietnam was the first war brought into the living rooms of America. I think it helped change the attitude of the nation and stop the war. Today, these types of images seem to be heavily censored in the media. If it is so right, so good, why can't the American people see it?
Thanks for your fine work.

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