Left of Center: By Yukkione: More on domestic spying
More on domestic spying
Thursday, February 02, 2006
Time : 9:23 AM

Project TALON stands for Threat and Local Observation Notice. Gen. Robert W. Noonan Jr said in 2001 that although the Military could not actually spy on American citizens, it could “collect” information from other sources.

From William M. Arkin (Early Warning)
It is the military's equivalent of the FBI and intelligence community's post 9/11 shift, and Wolfowitz directed the sharing of reports on ambiguous activity. This new reporting mechanism -- called TALON for Threat and Local Observation Notice -- applies to seven reporting categories:
1.Non-specific threats
4.Test of security
5.Unusual repetitive activity
6.Bomb threats
7.Other suspicious activity
According to a classified Standing Joint Force Headquarters-North document on "intelligence sharing" dated July 20, 2005, and obtained exclusively by this washingtonpost.com blogger, collection of intelligence on U.S. persons is allowed by military intelligence units if there is a reason to believe the U.S. person is:
"Connected to international terrorist activities;
Connected to international narcotics;
Connected to foreign intelligence;
A threat to DoD installations, property, or persons; or,
The subject of authorized counterintelligence."

More on the program can be found here:





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Comments for More on domestic spying
you know what 's funny...Dale Guckhart ( Jeff Gannon) of DC Press Corp fame....do you remember what he Online Paper was called ? ( not the one for his Callboy service).....TALON....

That's a real great 'macho' acronym there, that's for sure. Gee, yet another agency funded by ourselves to spy upon ourselves, eh? I tell you what: I'm keeping a close watch on myself from now on. I never know what I might be up to...

TALON- how appropriate. Talons rip into crucial organs and jam jugulars.

Where will it end?

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