Left of Center: By Yukkione: Write your representitives!
Write your representitives!
Monday, February 06, 2006
Time : 7:18 PM

Dear Congressman Bilirakis, I have just read about the contents of the new budget as proposed by President Bush. $2.77 Trillion dollars, increased military spending, and cuts in social programs. This is insanity! Our military budget is already bigger than all the world's countries combined. Our President asks for this money, even as thousands of illegal aliens cross our borders. Also, to ask for increased military spending in the face of cutting social programs such as Medicare is just immoral. Please, you are one of the few Republicans I vote for. I know you can step outside of the current GOP lockstep, and do the right thing. Send this budget packing!
Thank you, B. Shilliday

Feel free to use this, or write something better. Just Do it!

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Comments for Write your representitives!
I wrote my representative once, prior to the Iraqi war, asking him not to give the president the power to invade Iraq, and got a nice little letter back saying thanks, but he had already made up his mind based, not on intelligence, but on an article in the New Yorker. He is of course a republican in the strongest Republican district in the state, he doesn't have to listen to his constituents, he merely has to follow the party line to assure his perpetual re-election.

I will keep writing and nagging- I don't write the Ohio Fuckheads- I write to many others- I figure we never know how long I will be here- and then have to move on....

I am sure Work Camps are in my future...( hmm, maybe they would ahve healthcare?)

Okay seriously now- good letter- actually very polite...
more polite than these assholes deserve at this point...
My letter would go something like this-
" You guys find your balls about the spying and the torture and maybe I will pay taxes, and maybe how's this you spend the taxes on the We The People...so we don't starve or die this year anyway....

Yes Lew and E4e, it's frustrating writing some rep who values his corporate sponsors more than his constituents. The GOP walking lock step with the party line is about not being left off the money train.

Good lord. I wish they'd spend a few billion to protect me from THEM.

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