Left of Center: By Yukkione: Alito goes against the grain on first day
Alito goes against the grain on first day
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Time : 11:31 PM

New Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito split with the court's conservative Wednesday night, refusing to let Missouri execute a death-row inmate contesting lethal injection.

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Comments for Alito goes against the grain on first day
Well, he probably thought he could be magnanimous on his first day. It's a long tradition with newly crowned emporers to spare the lives of a prisoner or two. I think Pilate did that with Barabbas too, if I remember my Sunday School correctly. It's a real crowd pleaser. Throws the poor rabble off their guard.

lol, your right Neil. But I suspect he ruled on some arcane view of the standing state law. Some overly intellectualized point of contention. I really don't think he will be the jurists that conservitives think he will be.

The other thing is that it was a 'safe' vote. Made it 6 to 3 and they would have lost 5 to 4 anyway. I bet Karl told him to vote that way and thrown the dogs off the scent.

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