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What a joke
Monday, February 06, 2006
Time : 12:38 PM

Debra Burlingame who is a relative of a 9/11 victim was brought out by house Republicans, (Jeff Sessions) during a break in the NSA hearings to talk about the need to keep these eves dropping powers in place. She spoke as if she was some kind of security expert, talking about what we need to do in times of war to protect citizens. First of all, how dare the GOP drag out this woman to strengthen their claims of legitimacy for this illegal program. Once again, they have manipulated families of this tragedy to their own ends. Mrs. Burlingame is one of two things, an unwitting dupe, or a partner in crime. As I watch the NSA hearings on C-Span, all I see are Republicans being an extension of the White house, and foregoing their separate but equal powers. I see an Attorney general who is nothing more than an empowered White house attorney, and I see Democrats who don't know how to ask questions that will lead to anything we don't know already. This hearing is a joke. A charade.

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Comments for What a joke
Right on, B..TESTIFY!

You're right, its a sham. A crooked, one ass washes the other, sham.

Gosh, why don't they bring out some victims of Bush's War on the Poor? Oh, that's right. They're dead...

Keep spreading truth, for the great change is coming, ignorance will not last forever.

Lily: thanks
Neil: The poor? oh palease.
ea: thanks, and nice of you to visit.

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