Left of Center: By Yukkione: I wish I had his brains.. and my hair
I wish I had his brains.. and my hair
Saturday, February 11, 2006
Time : 6:59 PM

Please go on over to Clusterfuck Nation, and read Kunstler's lattest posting, Addiction. Funny, even though I have been aware of all the information he speaks about, it wasnt me that put it all together so succinctly. I guess thats why he gets paid to write, and I just get hollered at by the spousal unit.

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Comments for I wish I had his brains.. and my hair
Political gobbledygook from Bush's mouth goes down like gravy in the mouth of the masses. There just ain't enough lies to slake our thirst and prevent us from discovering what selfish morons we really are.

well put Neil, and glad to see you. Missed your provocitive artistry last day or so.

Love Kunstler and was so jazzed to find Clusterfuck a few months ago. I read him pretty regularly. But I tend to skip the comments.

Sometimes I disagree with him, like on certain issues with 9-11, but hell, He's KUNSTLER dammit. Clusterfuck is one of the best terms to succinctly convey the 'real deal' too.

I discovered Kunstler through WRH, bookmarked him and visit him every week for the update on the Clusterfuck Nation Chronicles. I also like his eyesore of the month.

There's a lot of good meat in that post, but the most important point is that the resource is finite--no more very soon, and long before we get there the remaining petroleum reserves are going to be needed for plastics and lubricants.

When even a fraction of 1.2 billion Chinese are consuming as much energy as the average American, all the ethanol in the world isn't going to save us. The only way is for everyone to change their way of living.

Kunstler...good post....( and NO ONE reads the comments...I mean he gets 400-600 a day...geez)

Addiction....so what we really need is an Intervention....

( does Impeachment or Indicment count as an Intervention?)

Yea I've been reading him for a long time.. Usually I agree but as Lily said I don't on certain 9/11 comments. Kvatch, really hits on what I want to get at.. That this shit is gettign really serious. We need to mae informed decisions here, unlike the President. In the future a plastic cup will be a luxury. thanks for all the comments.

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