Left of Center: By Yukkione: A video I recenty watched.
A video I recenty watched.
Thursday, February 09, 2006
Time : 7:36 AM

Out in the distance I could make out a small moving shape on the side of the mountain. It was sometimes obscured by outcroppings of rock. The camera shook a little, and the sound of wind was heard. The shape was a person, dressed in simple and drab colored clothing. Suddenly there was a blur of gray and red. What seemed like bits of cloth were flung into the air with other undistinguished bits. The camera pulls back to the immediate area of the photographer, a young American sharpshooter was sitting up next to his 50. caliber sniper weapon. He was excited and laughing. The cameraman was laughing to. Laughing as if they had just vanquished some foe in a video game. Some mass of pixels that contains no soul, and no family to wonder what became of them. In this video I recently viewed, this scene played out about a dozen times. Each time the glee the soldiers exhibited was most ghastly. These damaged young men will soon be back home with us, and without a fully funded Veterans Administration to help them.

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And it's even more fun to drop big bombs and commit mass murder from the air! That's where the REAL joy is. Those snipers are piddly little killers. One at a time? Hell, boy, get a bigger gun! And welcome home! Say, are you available? I've got a neighbor who's been botherin' me...

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