Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sometimes I need to textually puke
Sometimes I need to textually puke
Wednesday, February 08, 2006
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Contrary to popular belief that Democracy depends upon a full dissemination of information, the opposite is in fact true. Since the invention of the printing press, those who would hold the reins of power have fought against an informed public. One quote from the time of the printing press goes as follows: “They have made the people thereby so curious and so arrogant that they will never find humility enough to submit to a civil rule.” “Democracy is a game for the elites, not for the masses, which must be marginalized, diverted and controlled, for their own good.” As quoted by Noam Chomsky. Our founding fathers believed that those who owned the country should control it.Walter Lippman (Author) penned the term “the manufacture of consent” around 1921. he spoke of the Practice of Democracy, and how the common good is a concept that eluded the average citizen as their interests are to varied. They must be controlled. This is the domain of a specialized class. Similar theorys were espoused by Reinhold Niebuhr. He said “rationality belongs to the cool observer”. But because of the stupidity of the average man, who puts his force not behind reason, but faith. This naive faith requires necessary illusion, and emotionally potent oversimplification.” The illusions are provided by the myth maker to keep the common citizen “on course”. There are two ways a government can control the populace, by force, or by information. It is essential to control what people think, the method is called propaganda.

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This naive faith requires necessary illusion, and emotionally potent oversimplification.

That is a great turn of phrase, but I'm not familiar with Reinhyold Niebuhr. Can you expand a bit?

This link may be helpful to you.
Reinhold Niebuhr is the actual spelling of his name.

great stuff.

i have done a lot of research into media stuff (as a job as well as a hobby) so i have done focus groups with people and all that sort of shit. there is the most strangely schizophrenic attitude. if you ask people straight if they belive the tv or the papers they say no.

two seconds later they will turn round and say "guess what i heard"

"where did you hear that then?"

"it was on the tv"


as i keep doing i highly recommend www.spinwatch.org as one of the best sites out there

Socialism for the rich, 'Democracy' for the poor! They make it sound good though, don't they?

nice picture, I wish that were on the front page of every propaganda machine in the country...quoting noam chompksy to prove a point the right has always known is an interesting twist...ugh

"Religion is the opiate of the masses." - Marx

"And thank goodness for that!" - every single stinking Straussian neoconservative.

great post....and you may textually puke anytime..and the way things are going- please pass that bucket....
yourbloggin is superb as usual keep at it...

Thanks all, and teh l4m3 thanks for the visit. I really enjoyed your site. I've been blogging for a couple months now, and still don't have a definitive style I would say. While thinking might be easy, actually putting thoughts to "paper" is not for me. Sometimes i need to use or construct a picture to convey my meaning. But, reading everyones comments makes it all worth it.

The following is a link to an article by Robert Jensen that discusses some of the same issues you raise. Thought you'd find it interesting.

Link to article
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