Left of Center: By Yukkione: Walmart has Conservative friends
Walmart has Conservative friends
Friday, September 08, 2006
Time : 7:24 AM

Walmart, under siege from all sides has recently gained new allys in their effort to bring cheap foreign made goods to American shoppers. Groups like the ultra conservative Heritage Foundation are rallying to the WalMart battle cry. Why, because rich, conservative white guys get richer when companies can bully their way into every neighborhood, make the state pay for their employees benefits, and import goods made overseas at slave wages. Read more here.

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Comments for Walmart has Conservative friends
You gotta be kidding me! I love this Shill:
"Top policy analysts at these groups have written newspaper opinion pieces around the country supporting Wal-Mart, defended the company in interviews with reporters and testified on its behalf before government committees in Washington.

But the groups — and their employees — have consistently failed to disclose a tie to the giant discount retailer: financing from the Walton Family Foundation, which is run by the Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton’s three children, who have a controlling stake in the company.

The groups said the donations from the foundation have no influence over their research..."

No! No influence! They just actually determined that Wal Mart is good, their own conclusions!

Only people bought off by money or the desire to buy cheap junk think Wal Mart is good.

amazing isnt it. It's like groups like these can say and do anything they want. Noone questions them or their motives. It's no wonder we have the government we do. bastards! all of them.

The Heritage Foundation, which is also funded by Amway scion and Michigan gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos, is a "think-tank" that advocates outsourcing of jobs. Apparently the part of our Heritage they are out to protect is the fact that the country was built on cheap slave labor. So of course they're going to defend Wal-Mart.

The corporate terrorists apologists who defend Walmart and sellout to Walmart and other corporate terrorists are some of the lowest life forms on earth (the only ones lower are the corporate terrorists themselves). Of course as with this most of them are paid to do this. The corporate terrorists often pay people to go to blogs and defend them. These people deserve to be tarred, feathered, and tortured along with the corporate terrorists.

The corporate terrorists these days are paying people off to say anything.

One thing that is also sick though is that idiot twisted sick selfish America continues to shop at Walmart. This is why I hate America, especially idiot SUV driving, Walmart shopping

I love low prices! Long live Walmart!

Jason your an idiot
A. Walmarts prices aren't that low anyways.
B. The stuff you buy their breaks quickly meaning you spend more money to replace it then you would have to in the first place.
C. When they take out all the other stores they jack up their prices.
D. You are supporting job loss in your community.
E. You are supporting becoming a slave to the corporate terrorists.

And anyway they won't tell you Merry Christmas, They will Tell You happy holidays. That in itself should be enough for a wingnut nutjob like yourself to go shop somewhere else.

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