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Sopranos Episode 5
Sunday, April 09, 2006
Time : 9:59 PM

Spoilers in chat.

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So did Vito realy kill himself? Busted at a gay rough trade bar? Wedding scene was to long for my taste. The cops were Dicks to Johnny Sak. Tony really took his shrinks words to heart. glad he didnt get his ass kicked by his driver. Back to Big Love.

I don't think Vito is out of the picture yet. I say he contemplated, couldn't go through with it and is going to try to clean things up.

That ending - wow - Tony smiling into the mirror between pukes. One punch to the gut and he would have been in trouble (of course the guy wouldn't have dared to hit him back). Is it possible Tony had that little scene pre-arranged with his bodyguard?

No ,I dont think he wa arranged. He was sizing up who he would start a fight with. I was thinking he was trying to decide who he would pick to killl the guy for the contract

Mr. Sumo thought it might have been pre-arranged also. But the previews appeared to me...to show Christopher arranging two schlubs to do the hit... and it looked like it may have gone awry. But...you know how previews can be twisted to set you on a different path. It also looked like Tony barfed blood...yikes...poor Tony.

just when i thought they had furio replaced with that big lug perry - he gets the shite kicked out of him! damn. that was a little hard to believe though. tony trying to prove his manhood and exert power again by beating up the new muscle.

i agree the wedding scenes were too long. the glances between meadow and daddy were making me queasy too. AND i still think someone HAS to whack aj - the punk-ass.

that johnny sac sure does clean up nicely though! i can't tell you how many weddings i've been to and how many johnny sacs i've sat next to and danced with. the look, the cologne, the sausage casing socks (that's what i call them. you know those see-through socks). those expensive eye-talian loafers

not sure about vito. i just read an interview he did and he didn't let on like he was whacked in the show. we'll have to wait one more week. it could very well be vito popped a cap in those two collectors who saw him at the club.

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