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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Time : 11:58 AM

I saw another report from Iraq today that troubled me.(as if anything coming from there isn't troubling)In the piece, children were saying how they are always scared. I've seen many reports about kids in Iraq being in a perpetual state of fear. They aren't safe to play outside or inside. Parents can't negate their nightmares because it isn't all ok. I've seen my children in fear. Briefly after they've done something quite wrong, and knowing there may be a spanking waiting for them. Yes, I do occasionally spank my children. But that fear they experience before a spanking is not something that can be compared to the fear a child experiences when they think they could be shot or blown to bits at any moment, day after day. The fear of American soldier storming into their home in the middle of the night because of some anonymous tip or suspicion. What does living in continuous fear do to a child? What will they be like as they grow up. Will they love America?

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Comments for Fear
now the poor bastards know what it is like to be an American....damn shame!

Continous fear makes them feel angry and helpless. As they grow, and they feel less helpless, but remember what was done to them, there is a good chance they will become militant... and they will be justified in their rage.

There's a great movie about these children and war called "Turtles Can Fly". It's not appropriate for the kids, but you and your wife will be holding hands and wiping away each others tears before it's over... very moving.

I agree with donviti, Americans live in constant fear, but it's not as reality based as the people of Iraq, more of a corporate media invention.

and i was wondering just the other day why people turn into terrorist suicide bombers...........now i have a hint

wow left of center don't ya'all mean way out there in left field outside the f======stadium!!

One doesn't forget their childhood nightmares...ever!

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