Left of Center: By Yukkione: Protester at Chinese Presidents Whitehouse Speech.
Protester at Chinese Presidents Whitehouse Speech.
Thursday, April 20, 2006
Time : 10:50 AM

As Chinese President Hu gave his hello speech on the grounds of the Whitehouse, a Chinese woman stood up near the press section and began shouting in Mandarin. It took sometime for security to whisk her away. On CNN the channel I was watching Fredrika Whitfield went on and on about security and how embarrassing this was for the Chinese President. Fuck that.. what was this woman saying. Did she have a relative who was shot in the back of the head for dissension? Was she protesting prisoners being used as human organ farms, or religious expression being outlawed. CNN needs to get in tune with what is really happening in China.


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Comments for Protester at Chinese Presidents Whitehouse Speech.
I was watching that and switching back and forth between C-span and, of all places, Fox News. Fox was on the ball telling what the lady said and why. I wish I could remember exactly what they said but I believe it had something to do with a religion that was not accepted in China. Please don't quote me on that. She was talking to Hu and Why (bush)

Funny, bush looked like he was going to wet his pants if the woman wasn't silenced. He looked pissed as hell.

I found it ironic that bush would talk about human rights while he has people in secret prisons around the globe and he sees torture as a handy option.

Raw Story now has a bit about the lady and what she was talking about. According to cnn, they are deciding whether to charge her with anything. My suggestion is tell her we are very sorry and let her go freely. Why stir shit up right now?

your right Pop. just let her go.

I love how Bush was later talking about how people should have freedom of speech. Meanwhile, the lady was speaking her mind. True, it wasn't the best moment, but it really makes you wonder what Bush thinks freedom of speech really means. Totally agree with pissed off patricia about Bush talking about human rights. Its really disgusting.

Our Georgie likes his crowds to be like zombies...and clap and yell at the appropriate moments in his favor. I honestly think the crowds are screened to a great extent...freedom of speech...his way. Yes she should be left alone.

It sucks that anti-Communists like this woman get treated like crap by the media, while communists like Cindy Sheehan get the red carpet.

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