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Religion and Politics a Discussion Topic
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Time : 9:56 PM

The religious community has to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics. - Howard Dean

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Not according to them....

Yeah, thats funny Howard! They'll have to decide of they are pro gambling or pro-casino too! Hilarious!

They also need to decide if they are going to be old testiment or new. Cause' jesus didnt play that shit.

i say, tax the shit out of them

Old school rap? East coast or west coast?

I'm noticing that Graeme has been in a foul angry mood. I like it though.

yea Graeme is getting in touch with his inner pissed off child. it's good.

Well put, Howard. But these religious groups fundamentally believe American politics should be religious... Well, their particular brand of religion anyway.

Howard's been brushing with Paula Zahn's toothpaste again...

Like the white teeth. Very Seinfeldian...

Siren that s funny. yea, ya gotta have pearly chompers these days. You think with all the money that Exxon guy has , that he would fix his face.

I hear you, LOC. Just thinking about how I wish graeme would get rid of his sad mug!!!!
  • Posted at 1:13 PM | By Anonymous Elizabeth Branford

He's right... and looking mighty fine as well.

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