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New template
Monday, March 06, 2006
Time : 8:45 PM

I was thinking the old template just didnt do it for me. I liked that black under the white text, but having the whole screen black was to much. The Blogger website has few themes to choose from so I googled blogger templates, and came up with alot of sites. Finally I saw this one from Layout Studios. Of course she didnt have My logo picture at the top so i got out Bryce 3d and whipped up the basic picture in 3d, then photoshopped the lens flare and text. The rest of the customization was just cut and paste. Still alittle work to do, but I think the overall look is fresher and more appealing.

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Comments for New template
very nice. I didn't know you were so talented!


very cool. i like it. easier on the eye and more esoteric than the other. nice choice.

Looking good! I wish I could do cool stuff like that.


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