Left of Center: By Yukkione: "Workin' Hard for the Amercin' people"
"Workin' Hard for the Amercin' people"
Saturday, March 18, 2006
Time : 9:41 AM

If I hear “I'm workin' for the Amercin' people” one more time I'm going to spew all over myself. George Bush says he's always workin so hard.. but for who? He doesn't even know who the American people are. George, here's a news flash for you, people in Brazil and Chile are Americans too. Just like people in Chad are Africans. If you actually were working hard for the American people we wouldn't have a socialist revolution occurring in the Central and south Americas. Hugo Chavez, and Evo Morales wouldn't have been elected. CAFTA is bad for people in Central America, it enslaves them to corporate interests, and it makes polluting the environment easy and profitable. It also aids in the exporting of American jobs. Currently the Chinese government is training officers and troops from many Pan American countries, because we have made it illegal to assist them militarily. As they train, they are indoctrinated in Chinese ideology. We send in spooks, civilian contractors, and other shadowy groups to fight the war on drugs, and circumvent the rights and property of the native populations. We use Pan Americans how we want and when we want, then expect them to love us like a good neighbor. Workin' hard for the American people? Or hardly workin'?

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Comments for "Workin' Hard for the Amercin' people"
Sure, Central and South Americans may be, technically, Americans, but are they REAL Americans? I think not!

Do they love freedom?
Do they love Jesus?
Do they love President Bush?

If the answer to any of the above is "no," well, they may as well be Iranians.

Does an Iranian make a wicked Chimichanga? Mix a great tequila sunrise? Dance in the street during Festival? Can Iranians fit 20 people in a pickup truck? I think not!

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