Left of Center: By Yukkione: Harris to continue Senate bid
Harris to continue Senate bid
Thursday, March 16, 2006
Time : 4:49 PM

Katherine Harris to stay in the Senate race. She has decided to use 10 million dollars of her own money to finance the campaign. She inherited this money from her father. As a Floridian I am very close to this race, and all I can say is that I hope this Plastic surgery disaster.. this manipulative shrew, spends all her money, then implodes into a mass of greasy feathers.


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Wow! LoC, you've got the best looking blogger template I've ever seen.

(and the content's not bad either!)

btw, I enjoy your comments on Anita's blog all the time. Thx!

Thank you Michael. I didnt like the stock templates and discoved others doing a google search.
There is a link at the bottom of my blog that was put there by the designer, but it seems to be useless. The header is my original art using Bryce 3d and photoshop. I'd be happy to help in anyway I can if you want to see about a redesign. I just did the new logo for morning martini also. I know just enough html to make changes if nessisary.

fuck that dirty lying whore

This is not her money she is spending this is money her Daddy left her after he died this past January. This joke could not come up with $10,000 if she had to work for it and earn it. But thanks to her inheritance she can plod on. Hope she sucks the well dry and has to become a street walker to make ends meet after loosing the elections.

Don't sugarcoat it like that, kid.

we only have lieberman

This is going to be fun if she crashes and burns (in hell, of course)

My money is on Nelson and will go to Nelson.

This woman did more damage to our country than anyone I can think of. Without her little statement and stopping the recount, we wouldn't be in this mess we find ourselves in today.

See ya Katie and don't let the door....

this woman's white/gray matter balance is definitely off ... but that's no excuse for fucking the entire nation over ... may she go down (in the election of course)

is that a full size republican love doll that the right can have its way with?

hmm well Rory, i think you can order them at RNC.org Just remember to use water based lubricants, and always wash with soapy water when done. Just like the real Katherine harris.

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