Left of Center: By Yukkione: War Profiteering: to hell in a handbasket
War Profiteering: to hell in a handbasket
Thursday, March 16, 2006
Time : 11:19 AM

Apparently President Franklin Roosevelt words carried little weight. He said “ "I don't want to see a single war millionaire created in the United States as a result of this world disaster" . Or consider that Truman referred to some profiting during war time as “treason”. In these times of war not only do we not have to sacrifice, but we're expected to profit. No meatless Tuesdays here, or rubber drives. We're not asked to buy war bonds, or grow hemp. Hell, if we're rich enough we get a tax break. Some companies are given 'No Bid” contracts, contrary to the notion in America of good competition. Halliburton and it's subsidiaries have made hundreds of millions of dollars, even though in many respects they did not perform their duties as stated, or deliver goods per contract. Since when does a sitting Vice President's former company get awarded no bid contracts, and no one does a thing about it? He does stand to profit, because his differed stock options rely on the companies current and future profitability. Not that money matters to this ghoul anyway, as power is his real trip. Money is just what the people who grub around beneath him crave. He produces it for them , and they capitulate with giving him unprecedented power. Power for powers sake has this government is the grip of paralysis. Money runs through the veins of our elected officials to the extent that they jingle when they swing their golf clubs. They have become the living essence of corporate greed sporting a beltway pimp suit and a tan. So where am I going with this? I want all political campaigns to be publicly funded. No trips! No Gifts! No intangible perks! I want, and demand a government of the people, for the people. I want the peace that can only come when the money is taken out of war, and politics.


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Comments for War Profiteering: to hell in a handbasket
Well, dammit, I am willing to grow hemp.

hehe.. Hemp for Victory!
The story out today talks about how Gen Meyers since retiring has gone to work for a defence contactor.

I see a report this morning that the Kurds have been getting fucked by their 'leaders' too.

well said

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