Left of Center: By Yukkione: More Amdocs weirdness
More Amdocs weirdness
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Time : 4:49 PM

First, I hope you read my post "What about Israel". it's about Iraeli spying in the US, and the Telecommunications company Amdocs that is run mainly in Israel. The video go into great detail. it's quite an interesting story if you take the time.
So..anyhow, I was just doing the blogger "next blog" button thing, exploring finding new blogs, and I ran acrossed this very odd blog. the top posting in the blog is entitled A rare day at Amdocs. Of course running across a blog talking about this particular company is alittle strange, but as I read the post, I thought it was even more bizzar. There is something about the way it is written that causes me to think there is more than just a story about ones work day. Am I going mad? Is it just me?

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Comments for More Amdocs weirdness
You Blog looks more beautiful by the day...wow...so wonderful....I am inspired...I am going to sit and lurk and admire the new decor...

Thank your E4e. that makes me happy

I tried to email you- but I can't remember your address- Thanks for your comment about Dana...
and I am so sorry about your mom...I bet she was very proud of you...namaste..


hmmm, I sent an email to that address, and all I got was a Huntin' invitation....hmmm, now that is odd ain't it ?

that AMDOCS blog is weird!

and it's even weirder that you ran into it by chance.

but, the writer sounds foreign. english is not his native language, I think.

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