Left of Center: By Yukkione: From Duke Cunningham to the Whitehouse
From Duke Cunningham to the Whitehouse
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Time : 10:50 PM

Oh Duke, Duuuuuuke! What have you said? Who have you squealed on to make your prison sentence only eight years? Did you say Mitch Wade? Did you say he was dealing with the Whitehouse too? Iran? What? What are you saying? I cant hear you, you sound muffled.. what? Prison Bitch? Oh I see.. well have fun, I'll get the story elsewhere. Over at TPM is this little story. Start there to get the lead in then go to todays story to get the dirt. Just what are the intelligence services that were procured from the Whitehouse?

pictured is Mitchell "Pig Vomit" Wade

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Comments for From Duke Cunningham to the Whitehouse
Don't you have to BE intelligent to provide 'Intelligence Services'? Or maybe the 'intelligence' they were referring to was in the office furniture. Certainly office furniture is smarter than these guys.

So if I read this correctly- both articales- is the Duke case tied to the Sarafvaian Case- he was the procurement director that was arrested in Sept. ( it got lot in the Katrina mess)...hmm, cause that is tied to Abramoff- that would mean that the Duke case is tied to the Casino Jack Case- holy shit....

Thanks for posting on this...I have been waiting for these two cases to collide- and I was merely hoping...

"Smarter than office furniture" ???? Neil- you are too funny....( would that be Office Max or Staple that is dumb ? )

Well this just adds more to the neat little package that the administration finds themselves being tightly wrapped up in. Don't these idiots know that 'their God' is watching them do these heinous things?!!!

Hmm... Mitch Wade? Did he play Beavis or Butt-head? I always get those two confused

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