Left of Center: By Yukkione: 200 Billion down the drain?
200 Billion down the drain?
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Time : 1:14 PM

Build a better mouse trap, and someone will build a better mouse. Or something to that effect. Since Reagan was President the US has been investing billions into complex systems that are designed to shoot down incoming ballistic missiles. So after about 20 years of development we can now sometimes hit a missile mid flight....sometimes. Of course this system doesn't account for the reality of a nuke being smuggled into this country.. say over the porous Mexican border. But military types like to think big, and require big budgets to fill insatiable monetary needs. Enter Russia, President Putin now claims that they have missiles that zig zag as they approach their targets. No nice ballistic arches to calculate for interception. So now if this is true, we now have a paper weight that cost an estimate 200 billion dollars. Imagine how that money could have been used. We could be on a hydrogen economy, we could have all citizens covered by health care. We could clean up the industrial waste that was ignored by the Super Fund. We could have eliminated starvation world wide. What a shame we elect short sighted fools to office, and don't demand of our friends and family that they educate themselves on these kinds of issues.

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Comments for 200 Billion down the drain?
I am not watching the Prick in Theif, what you said is true...200 Billion down the drain...and
the paperweight will just get bigger...

Amen brother.

But hey, a paperweight that expensive would probably do a real good job of holding down paper!

Porous borders??? CYNIC! HA!

Those borders are made with galvanized steel chicken wire, shrubberies, and the occasional patrolling libertarian...

You fail to see the real beauty in this (for the military-industrial complex that is) is that now they get to spend another $400 billion just to build a defense system against this!

wow.. Lew that is great.. I wont have to sell my shares in Raytheon.

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