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Guns, Guns, Guns
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Time : 11:27 AM

Here in America we LOVE guns. We worship Guns. We equate guns with sexual potency. We want everyone around the world to have guns. Thats why we are the biggest exporter of arms, and the nation that is most likely to be at war at any given time. You see there are very good reasons we need guns. There are people out to get us. Rogue nations, boogy men, people with dark skin, that worship a different way. To make sure we can keep passin' out the guns we make sure that the five biggest arms dealing countries, (US, Britain, China, France, and Russia) are also members of the UN Security Counsel. We're not paranoid mind you.. no, no. We just like the money that weapons generate for folks like the Bushs and Cheneys. We'll leave the paranoia to the common citizen who we keep in a perpetual state of fear. Did you know that the US defence budget, (the visible budget) is as large as the rest of the world combined. Our missile defense funding is larger than most countries, and the thing doesn't even work. You were also lied to about the so called Peace Dividend, after the cold war was over. Our spending now is the same. Of course, it has to be as thugs like Osama Bin Laden are still about.

World Military Budgets:
United States 420.7
China* 51.0 Russia* 50.8 Japan 41.4 United Kingdom 41.3 France 34.9 Germany 27.4 Italy 22.3 Saudi Arabia* 22.2 India 16.2 South Korea 14.8 Israel* 9.9 Australia 9.9 Brazil 9.7 Turkey* 9.2 Canada 9.1 Spain 8.5 Netherlands 7.2 Taiwan 6.6 Greece* 6.5 Mexico* 5.6 Sweden 5.2 Iran* 5.1 North Korea* 5.0 Ukraine* 5.0 Singapore 4.7 Norway 4.2 Poland 3.9 Kuwait 3.5 Egypt* 3.3 Portugal* 3.1 Belgium 3.0 Colombia* 3.0 United Arab Emirates* 2.8 Pakistan 2.8 Denmark 2.6 Vietnam 2.3 Czech Republic 1.9 Syria* 1.9 Argentina 1.6 Philippines* 1.6 Hungary 1.4 Cuba* 1.1 Sudan* 0.7 Libya* 0.6 Yugoslavia 0.6 Luxembourg 0.2 Iraq N/A

We're going the way of the Romans. Soon to be toppled over by the weight of our military budget, and the hate we spread around the world as we muck around with the affairs of other nations.

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Comments for Guns, Guns, Guns
Little ol' New Zealand didn't even make the list. But I guess we have nothing to fear, unless there is a country out there with an overwhelming desire to own lots of sheep.

I hear wonderful things about New Zealand. I suppose you have Australia there to step in should some island invade you. :)

LOC- great post, and so sad but true.

I think that this administration has played the fear card very well.

Peace dividends? You mean they're not coming?????

Pretty unbelieveable. Looks like our military budget is about the same as the money we owe to China.

lily: you peace dividend check is in the mail.

Neil: wow, yea it's pretty close. Wonder who the Romans borrowed from.

the UK comes in at 5th but you can really just add that on to the US because Vietnam is the only time the UK said no to the US since WW2

Lily: yup, the cost of our military is all out of proportion to the reality of our defence needs.
Neil: yes, it's darn close. We borrow to cover tax revenue lost from tax deductions for the rich, then we go to war to make more money for them.

Michael: You realise that your country is just another of our military contractors. :P (just kidding of course but...)

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