Left of Center: By Yukkione: What a terrible web we weave....
What a terrible web we weave....
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Time : 8:17 AM

"It is not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left. Our job is to remove them from power permanently."
-- Jack A. Abramoff

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Comments for What a terrible web we weave....
i would contend that 'the left' have never been in power in the US. the 'lefter than crazy right-wing bigots' is maybe closer

Nice little graphic, and I love the quote. And, Michael, you're right. The last true left winger was FDR, however, by today's standards Eisenhower would have been left of Kerry.


Good points, I concur.

I love this post and the tangle web is unraveling ( just not effin fast enough)sadly Mike and Micheal both are also spot on as well...sadly...

You said that you are unpolished, angry, and informed...and let's pray that there are millions of us in that genre and that we take back the Government....

Keep bloggin' It....

Is that from one of George's 'Connect-the-Dots' books?

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