Left of Center: By Yukkione: Bush pulls out his violin..
Bush pulls out his violin..
Thursday, February 23, 2006
Time : 7:04 AM

The NYT has an editorial on what the proposed Bush budget REALY looks like. So they say Nero played the violin as Rome burned? Well the American rich can certainly afford a lot of violins thanks to Bush. This budget is a work of criminal minds, no doubt about it. Not only does it say a big “f*** you” to veterans, but also screws kids trying to get a college degree, the poor, and our national parks. The madness never ends with these people in charge. Please read the story here.

....Mr. Bush's spending and taxing proposals are a mass of missing information. The cost of keeping the military in Iraq and Afghanistan isn't included. Neither, as it turns out, are the usual projections of the long-term effects of proposals to cut $183 billion from domestic programs other than entitlements....

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Comments for Bush pulls out his violin..
I am sure we will have more tax breaks to profitable oil companies though. The budget really pisses me off.I try not to think about it.

Oh but didn't you hear Bush speak? Education is important!!!

I tuned in at your comments on Veterans. This group, that everyone gives great lip service to, is truly expendable once they have served. Nobody really gives a shit and the VA is always one of the first on the chopping block. When that happens under a pres and VP that avoided REAL service themselves, it is a hard pill to swallow.

Note to Graemeanfinson...don't try not to think about it. THINK ABOUT IT. KEEP THINKING ABOUT IT. DREAM ABOUT IT. THEN MAYBE, even just through the voting booth, you can do someithing about it.

I heard there has been a huge run on Stradivariuses (stradivarii ??).

I served in the Army Reserves as a combat MP for 6 years. (college money) So it very hard to see how these Iraq and Afghan vets are being and are going to be treated. As for the education aspect of this budget. I know how challenging it was for my parents on teachers saleries to put three kids through college. I wonder I we will be able to do the same for ours. stradivarii? hehe I wouldnt know, I just play Guitar.

Hmmm. I think I did a post on The Shell Game...sounds familiar. Maybe he uses hollowed-out copies of the budget when he cons us.

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