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Support Google
Friday, January 20, 2006
Time : 5:52 PM

The Child online protection act was quashed by the courts. So the DOJ is fishing for info that will let it rejuvenate it. Online search engines have been asked to divulge search and use information, Yahoo and MSN have complied in part. Google however is standing firm on their right to keep information and possible trade secrets to themselves. My theory about this is that the DOJ is not really after information to help protect children online, but is data mining for a host of other information and is honing their techniques. How many tiny steps towards a police state will we allow the Bush regime take before we say enough is enough? Hitler only needed the bombing of the Reichstag.

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Comments for Support Google
It's even scarier to think that Google already HAS this information.

Gonzo also has his eye on using this shut down the blogs...Child Safety Act .....very scary.

I am more Curious WHAT AND WHY they are looking at a certain time period and WHY ALL the queries- they are looking for Something..

Or maybe it is just an Intimidation Tactic...

( nice that Yahoo, and Microsoft already caved and didn't tell anyone..)

They are looking for SOMETHING....could it be THOSE photos with Gannon? or is it the Abramoff party pictures? hmmm. I wonder...

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