Left of Center: By Yukkione: Marianas who?
Marianas who?
Monday, January 23, 2006
Time : 8:45 AM

At the heart of President Bush's relationship with corrupt Political money guy Jack Abramoff is the Marianas Islands. What are the Marianas islands? A upscale vacation spot? Site of the first Nuclear bomb test? The latest backdrop for Girls Gone Wild? Nope, the Marianas islands are a neverland of American manufacturing. Deep in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, these islands are a boon for fat American companies that want the “Made In America” label on their goods, yet want to escape paying real Americans to do the work, or paying taxes as they would in any of the American states. It takes a “heckaofalot” work to keep this sweetheart deal going, and Abramoff was just the guy to do it. Textiles are one of the most common things made in the islands, and are made by workers brought in from Asia, and held in nearly slave-like conditions. Poorly paid, and often unable to go home, these workers make your cheap “American made” golf shirts. Meanwhile evidence mounts that the Bushies lied about the extent of the relationship between George Bush, and Abramoff.

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What bullshit, I cant believe real American textile companies stand for this. Makes me want to vomit up my General Chows chicken.
  • Posted at 10:30 AM | By Anonymous Nelson Chang

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