Left of Center: By Yukkione: A response from Sen. Bill Nelson Fl.
A response from Sen. Bill Nelson Fl.
Saturday, January 21, 2006
Time : 12:50 PM

Dear "Concerned Citizen":

Thank you for contacting me regarding the recent reports of domestic surveillance activity by the U.S. Government. The challenge of balancing America’s national security needs with personal privacy rights has been made more complicated in recent years as technology has become more advanced and more intimately involved in American life. At the same time, our military and law enforcement agencies must have the tools they need to protect the country.

The Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in 1978 and created a special court, which operates in closed session, to consider government wiretap requests in national security cases. Two Supreme Court cases had previously established that domestic wiretaps for national security purposes do not inherently violate the fourth amendment's protection against unreasonable searches, but do require judicial approval. Congress passed FISA to bring the law into conformity with those decisions. I am concerned about recent reports of potentially unlawful domestic surveillance activity without approval by the FISA court. There will be congressional hearings on this topic this year, and I will be looking very carefully at the circumstances of this program.

Please know that I take the security and privacy needs of the American people extremely seriously. I will keep your concerns in mind as this issue comes before the Senate.

"apparently there is enough outrage from people to warrant the drafting of this canned response"
* note: the picture depicts Nelson Chang, not Bill Nelson

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Comments for A response from Sen. Bill Nelson Fl.
Bill Nelson seems to be a pretty decent guy, but that letter sure could have been stronger. We are facing a constitutional crisis here and this mealy mouthed letter doesn't recognize the seriousness of a president who has essentially declared himself dictator.

He's a former astronaut, you know. I wish he'd go into orbit over the outrageous behavior of the Republicans in Washington.

First of all, my liberal friend, Bill Nelson is a Senator, not a Representative, and a politically-endangered one at that (Senator Katherine Harris has a nice ring to it, does it not?)

Secondly, and it must be asked, why do you hate America so?

Patriotically Yours,


He is a decent guy. He's scientifically minded and was indeed an astronaut. He is to middle of the road for my taste. But being a Dem in Fla, I suppose he has to be. As for Katherine Harris.. that Shrew has a small following in her own neck of the woods, but most Floridians have her pegged for what she is... an ass kissing opportunist. Oh, and thank you Rex for the correction. He is indeed a Sen. not a Rep.

He does not mention the CONSTITUTION AT ALL...and I guess he did not see Conyers hearings or Gore's Speech- Pity...because now he just sounds like a repug sound bite- but those two Cspan events Make it ALL real clear...about High Crimes and Misdemeanors...

Well...Let's hope he find his cajones and SOOON....Keep trying there LOC...he just needs educating... ( I mean Nelson)

And Rex - Have a little respect dude, you mention the Harris Tramp , and to a nice respectable guy like LOC...and in front of Women and Children...and about Hate- so what's the poop are you paid to hang over in BlueBlogland- or did you get the Boot over in the Red Zone...?
Dealing with trolls is such a chore,
but take away the C and throw in the W,
and you have the Harris w-h-o-r-e.....

I don't get it. Why the picture of Nelson Chang since this post is about Bill Nelson?

Neil, It's just my obtuse sense of humor. Everyone knows what Bill Nelson looks like. Did you enjoy viewing the picture of Nelson Chang? I hope so.

I belive that was to see if we were paying attention...the blind nurse just read the text and figured hmm, contacts must be dirty again....

LOC Satire???? ahhh, a lost art...

i think all canned letters, from any politician, should be burned at the end of the year, with all tax documents...i love when my reps or senators write me, wouldn't it be funny if we started making them handwrite notes back, okay, yeah, not realistic, these things kill me..

I have no idea what Bill Nelson looks like. Should I? We're not talkin' about Major Nelson from 'I Dream of Jeannie', are we? He turned out bad and became J.R.!

Thanks for you comment on language abuse. Here too, we have a manipulation of our language. Only here instead of coloring the truth you Senator is hiding behind a facade of words. Instead of expending all that energy in designing a letter he could have just sent you a one sentence reply. "It's really too complicated, and besides I don't really care"

Ah Justin, as I have seen many times before you have an uncanny ability to boil it down to the essentials. lol

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