Left of Center: By Yukkione: The Wheeel of Bush
The Wheeel of Bush
Monday, November 13, 2006
Time : 8:05 AM

In Germany charges are to be filed against Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and former CIA director George Tenet. German law deems war crimes to be against humanity and therefore chargeable wherever the accused lives. Watching LINK tv last night I saw a discussion with the litigant and several journalist who claim there is paper evidence coming from Gitmo. They also spoke about how the Bush administration has worked to immunize themselves from prosecution. This after the US Supreme Court put the nix on their torture practices as was discovered. President Bush nominated former CIA director Robert Gates to take Rumsfelds job but he also has a lot of baggage. He was involved in the attempted overthrow of Nicaragua President Ortega with the help of John Negroponte. Negroponte is now the Director of National Intelligence. He was the Ambassador to Honduras. Both men were involved with the Oliver North Iran Contra deal, and were complicit in the torture and deaths of thousands of Central Americans. Ironic that Daniel Ortega was just voted back into office in Nicaragua. Gates was also a key player in the arms deals that went for both Iraq and Iran during thier war. He helped play one side against the other to keep the region unstable. Lee Hamilton who ran the investigation into these dealings cut the investigation short against the advice of Democrats who were collecting information. Once the inquiry was officially called off by Hamilton, the smoking guns were found but it was too late. Lee Hamilton is also part of the Iraq Study Group. Other members include James Baker the third, and you guessed it Robert Gates. It’s thought that the purpose of this group is really to deflect criticism from the Bush administration. So, still think things are hunky dory after the Democratic win?
An interesting artical can be found here on Rumsfelds war crimes.

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That seems to be all the bush family has to work with, their recycled crook friends.

From the look on bush's face today as he spoke of the study group, I don't think there is a chance in hell that anything will change, no matter what they have to advise.

It's a sham... pure and simple. Abd here the "new" Dems go... no impeachment, no real investigations. More of the same with a different face.

If the Democrats fail to act against these criminals, their lack of action maks them complicit in these crimes. They need to be reminded they can be replaced just as easily as the Republicans were.

There will be investigations and if bush doesn't play along he knows an impeachment could come if the situation arises. They can hold it over his head if he screws with their investigations.

Good post and on and intereting topic. Am I wrong to point out that Ortega was elected president of Nicaragua and not El Salvador?

Whatever, still an interesting post.

Your right Praugue. I miss typed. Thank for pointing out.

it's interesting - in a good way - that the country that was last tried for war crimes (if my history is correct) would be the ones that try our war criminals...hurray!!!

Why didnt we give them Saddam Hussein too? Outsource?

Thanks LOC for the link...good information. How's that back coming sir?

Very well, thanks Sumo. Though i must say the whole process has sucked much more than I thought it would.

I dont know about honky dory, I am partial to "peachy keen".

Honky Dory just sounds dorky!

My first husband had this done...and he wasn't ever quite the same...but he was improved. It took a long time for him to get better.

Hey Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too LOC!

I've known just the opposite, as I watched early on as Pelosi backed down first chance she had to toss impeachment/imprisonment, in her words, "It's OFF THE TABLE." Well, I beg to differ. It may be off her table, which lately has little more than crumbs on it, and since we've made it obvious we can't clean our own house, it's becoming clear...it WILL be cleaned!!!
Cheney is next, but the question here is why are they in different cages?

I like this Abby! Very well said!

Back from hiatus, hope you had a good holiday. Where's your bloggery?

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