Left of Center: By Yukkione: George Bush, King of Death?
George Bush, King of Death?
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Time : 7:59 AM

600,000… 400,000. These are just numbers right? Oh come on, I know you’re smarter than that. The 600,000 figure represents the number of dead that have been statistically calculated that are a direct result of the Iraq war. 400,000 is the estimated number of people that have died in Darfur Sudan. If we weren’t in Iraq, would be then have been able to stop the genocide in Darfur. I know it’s a stretch to say that about a million people have died needlessly. But if we were really a superpower, and were really a country based on morals and goodness would these things have happened like they have? Having said that, it would REALLY be a stretch to say that George Bush has A LOT of blood on his hands. That is to say that he didn’t need to go to war in Iraq and that many of the deaths in Darfur are crimes of neglect. After Saddam, the next person who should be tried for crimes against humanity is George Bush. He, after being convicted should fry in the Texas electric chair. I would wager Saddam would walk to his death with greater comportment that Bush. I bet George would cry and piss himself as they drag him to the chair.

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Comments for George Bush, King of Death?
Since I don't in any form agree with the death penalty, I would rather see him in prison the rest of his life. Bush too.

I disagree with the death penalty as well, but I have a 100,000 killed exception.

i'd haffta say that i think we need to put them all in an enclosed area..where they can't get out...and let them live their lives with the people whom they 'agree' with...

Az, could we at least provide them with knives? Sharp Sticks?

hi, LoC
animation is great on this video.

Now that I've seen this video I take back all the negative things I've ever said about Emenem.

Great vid, how do you think tonite's shaping up so far?

I think it's shaping up as I said with the house going dem and the senate staying Republican. I think the overly rosy projections were wrong. Santorum lost so thats a big one for me. The sanctimonious prick.

i think Dub would cry like a little Bitch on his way to the chair. And as I write this...there is a great possibility that both houses belong to the Dems!

As of now the Senate is 50/50 officialy. I wont hold my breath. I so glad we took the house, and in a big way.

Woo-hoo Shill!!!

There comes a point when so many people are dead, it becomes so crazy you can't even process it.

btw, happy one year!

Happy Year One, LOC.

May the center move your way now.


Just checking in, slacker.

I am a slacker. lol I've been addicted to a game called Gothic 3. Oi! Also just doing alot of observing on the political scene.

I would rather see him gone, whatever tha entails...

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