Left of Center: By Yukkione: help with cancer research
help with cancer research
Friday, October 20, 2006
Time : 1:48 PM

Hey there friends... Folding@Home is a networked computer project that uses thousands of personal computers to simulataniously crunch numbers to help find cures for many diseases. I've started a group called MoonBat and am asking everyone to download the Folding@home client found at the link below. It is safe to use and only uses the computer power you arent. The reasearch being done is of huge importance. Teams participate to see which ones process the highest number of chemical combinations. You will actually see a 3d picture of the chemical molecules you are working on. So please... lets see how many people we can get to help. Get the client and then add this group number to the configuration screen: 52543 I have the url's listed at the bottom. (this works alittle like SETI@home if your familiar with that.

* Alzheimer's Disease
* Cancer
* Huntington's Disease
* Osteogenesis Imperfecta
* Parkinson's Disease
* Ribosome & antibiotics

And here is our team page:

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Comments for help with cancer research
Thanks, LoC. My mom died from Alzheimer's.
Great idea!!

what a great idea!!

glad you like it. Yu can run the client all the time, It runs in the background and you wont even notice.

It sounds like a great idea. If I a clue what you were talking about, I would do it.

It's just a small program you download and run that does calculations for chemicals. Cures for disease. It runs in the background and doesnt impact your computer.

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