Left of Center: By Yukkione: Whats Happening to my America?
Whats Happening to my America?
Sunday, October 22, 2006
Time : 8:26 AM

What’s happening to my America? We are slowly becoming just like the enemies we have fought for generations. The US government has given a Halliburton subsidiary a contract to build detention centers in the US. Congress recently passed a law that allows the President to federalize State National Guards even at the opposition of said states Governors. Of course there is the Patriot Act which was passed even though few actually read it, and which goes against the very fabric with which this nation was created. The Pentagon has a 400 page document which calls for Phyops to be used against foreigners, but says that American may be exposed to this propaganda and that that’s ok. We have paramilitary contractors from companies like Blackwater patrolling in cities like New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, and they will be used in other domestic situations. Citizens can now be detained indefinitely and held without charges. They have limited access to lawyers, family and the evidence if any against them. There are also plans to shut down the civilian internet during “emergencies” because they deem it to be a weapon. Military Intelligence while unable to actively gather information on citizens is not prohibited from receiving it. So to those ends a myriad of gray agencies are now in place to provide them with said information. This includes NASA, the very agency Bush gave more money to to aid in “space exploration”. NASA uses its computer banks to data mine info provided by credit card companies and airlines. The Bush administration in league with the Pentagon have also deemed space as the property of the US and plans on weaponising it. Moreover we have committed ourselves to developing more nuclear weapons even though we have enough to blow up every major city in the world 20 times over. All this at a time when we have over 50 million people without health care, we have over five million more people below the poverty level, our students score near the bottom of western countries in math and science, and personal bankruptcy is at an all time high.
Time to hoist our flags higher, and slap more yellow ribbons on our SUV’s. Time for peaceful revolution.
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Comments for Whats Happening to my America?
Sadly, all this couldn't ben accomplished without a nation of television-watchers. "Don't pay attention to us, here, watch Dancing With The Stars."

Things were getting better, if you look at the trajectory of history. We just got to get it back on track.

It true, this couldn't have happened except for a semi-comatose electorate but I hope Frederick is right. The pendulum does swing both ways. Eventually it does have to swing back.

We have to be ready for that pendulum when it swings back. While I have hope...I am not completely sure that they won't cheat either. I wish I weren't so cynical.

i go with door three...time for a revolution..for the people and by the people...

I just KNEW those NASA geeks were up to no good. Does Tom Hanks know about this?

I dont know, I guess there are people that are in the dark because of tv but also those who turn to diversions because of futility, despair, hopelessness...it takes alot out of people to be angry, fearful, frustrated all the time.

As this goes on and on, it just wears you down. Now sure, I can muster up energy to do the things I am involved with. But beyond, I'm not sure.

It's simple really... What has happened to our country is the Constitution has become expendable.
Period. With parchment in limbo we are, pardon the English, fucked!

but the people are starting to get angry...I know this because the guys on TV told me so. and now knowing this, I am starting to get angry. I got my Tv permission slip.

the constitution became expendable - yes, i agree. and piece by piece, parts of it have been worn down. and the republican propoganda of 'if you protest the war you are unpatriotic' has been scarily effective. but i also got my TV permission slip, so I'm getting very angry............

I feel the same dude

It makes me want to go off the grid. like the book The Traveler, by John Twelve Hawks.

we are being terrorized by our own government...fear, being a very powerful weapon

Americans seem to be paralyzed in fear, at this very moment.

nice blog.

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