Left of Center: By Yukkione: Republican try to hide more bad news
Republican try to hide more bad news
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Time : 11:02 PM

Check this out from my friend Mike over at Born at the crest of the empire. So they know democracy in Iraq won't work.... right now they know it! Yet they parade around in happy faces and say "stay the course". They call us defeatocrats. They are responsible for the deaths of untold civilians and American military personel. And they still spew lies.
We need to address mechanisms by which we can remove a sitting President for gross incompetence. Impeachment only works for crimes. Incompetence by itself may not be criminal but its overwhelming harm should be reason enough. These bastards have to go.

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Oh...they have to go that's for sure. They need to go where they'll have to pound rocks all day. Aside...hope you are getting better Mister LOC...

I believe his actions show that he is unfit for command as commander in chief. He has lost sight of reality in his quest to go down as someone great in history. Remember he said he would stay in Iraq even if his wife and dog were the only ones to agree with him. That shows it is personal to him and he can't allow himself to see what's really happening. He needs to be relieved of his command before he does something insane in Iran.

Thanks Sumo. I am..though the recovery processes has been unbelievably slow. It's sad we can't remove him unless he has commited a bold faced crime, and it is acted upon. Just sad.

Rumors of a coup are growing louder...

they are bastards

Well in my view part of the problem is that even among democrats and the left, there is so much grumbling over what to do and what works that in between all the arguing, I dont see little happening. I dont see people getting behind impeachment efforts, even though the conditions have been met.

Many smart, creative people have made cases for impeachment and also court action, such as the use of NG troops under governor's authority. But What comes of it? Nothing. We just keep talking and talking and talking.

I think we believe its doing something. But its not really. And while we sit around intellectualizing everything, the world gets worse by the day. We have a society where we cant even get environmentalists to stop driving SUV's for god sake.

I think people just like the sport of it. The ego, the interaction of talking about these things. Many cant point to one solid action beyond blogging. But yet, the preachery from bloggers is in the millions now. Many have a reason to hate just about every effort that anybody puts forward.

The Democrats have already stated that they have no intention of pulling out of Iraq, have been silent on Bush's plans for Iran, and have made no noise concerning any of the signing statements, reversal of the Military Tribunal act, or the Patriot Act, orimpeachment of the current administration. It's time the people stop pinning their hopes on a mythical opposition party and form a coalition of their own.

Your right Lew the opposition party is a myth. We're fucked as fucked can be.

As luck would have it, I just ran across a link that says it possible for citizens to begin impeachment proceedings.

Pass it on.

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