Left of Center: By Yukkione: John Kerry go away
John Kerry go away
Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Time : 5:55 PM

Regardless if John Kerry is guilty of butchering a joke, or if in his elitist mind he meant what he actually said, he needs to just step off. He needs to just represent his state and leave the national stage for good. The Democrats need to move foreward, and he is part of the old guard. I could name others, but that will be for another time. Lets get through this election first. I doubt we'll do as good as some think we will. But a message will be sent, and power will come back to a point near balance. John... go sail boarding. Please.

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Consider the fact that most of our troops in Iraq joined up for payback for 9/11, or because they wanted to save the world from Saddam's WMD, and I think Kerry is right. Anyone with an internet connection, a computer and half a brain could have found out that these were lies.

I dont agree lew. I think most of them signed up for the educational bonuses, and training. Yes they are kept in the dark over the real reasons. Websites are blocked to them... not FOX news of course. When I was in the military their werent many stupid people. Most were bright, and dedicated. The military for many is the best option regardless of the political climate.

Yes, we need new blood that is also less aristocratic.

Mr Scannon, many of the men and women there signed up BEFORE 9-11. Many were just weekend reservists.

Do you have numbers on # enlisted after 9/11 and number there in Iraq?

I've heard differently is all I'm saying.

Obviously elitism is a common problem!

OK but anyone who challenges is a troll. I forgot.

ruckus no trolls here. everyone is entitled and welcomed to their opinion here. Though Lew and I agree probably 80+ percent of the time, we don't on this one. I'm with you... I'm anti war, but wont lay this one on the troops.

Just so ya know...I heard John Kerry call a spade a spade...The Dub is stupid...stupid enough to get us into Iraq...because HE didn't make use of a good education. His stupidity put the troops there in the first place.

And "they" will cheat their asses off to keep control...period! So...we need to get out history books off the shelf and dust them...crack them open and read all we can about conducting a revolution because that is where we are headed. We've got France and Russia just off the top of my head...or...that's right...there's the American Revolution...

Hanging head..."our" history books

I'm glad someone agrees with me. I think this was a cynical attempt by Kerry to jump start his 08' game. He needs to exit stage left.

I agree with you that Kerry needs to disappear into the historical obscurity he was destined for after losing in '04. And while hes at it tell him to take Clinton, Gore, and Carter as well.

Many people were thinking he was talking about the troops being stupid. When I first heard what he said, I thought, Kerry cann't be that dumb to say that about the troops. It must be about the Pres.
And I disagree with Lew that a computer and a brain would make you stop from joining the army. It was after 9/11, we had a patriotic high, we believed what our president was telling us. Many of them Did believe they were fighting a war on terror. But also there are those that think they will never be in harms way, and hey we'll get a good education, training, and if I want to stay in here 20years I can retire. Hindsight is alawys 20/20.

I've never been on a patriotic high with the Dumbya. That patriotic high you describe came from tragedy and it would have garnered those feelings for any president that was in office. It just happened to be the Dumbya. His bull-horn day didn't make me feel more American or that because of him I'd be safer. Once a moron...always a moron.

he's our october surprise...sigh

Some people joined, some joined before. Some supported the war because they were lied to. Some should have known better, some not.

Point is, people make mistakes and use the information they have at the time and only really perfect people should throw stones.

The point is, do we insist on change when we learn the truth? Do we use that new information to adapt our thinking? Thats the difference between a victim of deception and a willing participant in deception.

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